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Designing Is A Passion At Printwala.Com And We Know Our Creative Logo Designing Work.

The Logo Is The Face Of Your Company, Represented As A Symbol For Instant Recognition. In Logo Design, The Colour Is A Very Basic And Important Element To Attract The Customer. Colour Conveys A Message, Trustworthiness, Evokes Emotions And Adds Brilliance To Everyday Things. Some Use Hues That Are Quiet But Eye-Catching, While Others Scream For Attention.

Process of Logo Designing @ printwala.com

Gather Details

Before starting the logo deisnging the first step is to get details of it from the customer. Like the vision and favourable color options and more.

Brainstorm & Time

After we have the details we start with brainstorming sessions for concepts of logo designing and sketches keeping in mind the delivery time. One step at a time.


As soon as we reach a decision of finalisation of a design from the given logo designs. We lock it and start preparing the final files that are to be delivered.


After the logo is finalized we start designing Letterhead, Visiting Card & Envelope for the same. It is totally free and comes with your Logo Designer Package.

Benefits / Importance Of A Professionally Designed LOGO

Strong First Impression: Great Logo Gives A Great First Visual Impression. A LOGO Is Your Company’s First Introduction To Consumers. A 100% Unique LOGO With Trademark Is An Easy Way To Convey That Your Business Is Professional, Trustworthy And Provides Quality Products And Services.

Base / Foundation Of Brand Identity: Logo Design Should Represent Positive & Favorable Thoughts About The Brand And The Company. A Strong Logo Gives Your Company/Business An Identity, Conveys Your Business’s Vision And Makes It Easier To Build Your Brand.

Grab Viewers’ Attention: Maximum Viewers First Look For A Company’s LOGO To Judge Your Business By Its Appearance. How Do We Work? We Design Word Cloud, Do Research, Conceptualizing And Sketching, Brand Positioning. Make 100% Unique Logos.

Printwala Design Logo That Makes Your Business Look Trustworthy And Credible. The Best Color Combination For A Business Logo Is Very Essential To Attract The Customer. Printwala Believes In Making Beautiful Things And Give Immense Look To Your Logo.

The following list of colours which describes a sophisticated image and evoke emotions

  • Red color implies energy, aggression, and passion. Red color for your logo can make it feel more dynamic.
  • Blue is one of the most used in corporate logos. It implies professionalism, sincerity and calm. It is associated with authority and success.
  • Orange implies innovation and modern thinking. It is youthful, creative, and enthusiastic.
  • Yellow implies optimism, clarity, and warmth. Yellow is used to command the audience’s attention.
  • Green conveys a serene, peacefulness and the idea of growth. It is used for such products as organic and vegetarian food.
  • Pink is commonly used to vying for the attention of young females. Pink can be fun and flirty.
  • Purple is the color of royalty and luxury. It carries a sense of wisdom.
  • Black is the absence of color but black is professional and credible.
  • White is a combination of all colors. It is generally associated with cleanliness and purity.
  • Multiple colors are commonly used for those companies which are offering a wide choice of products and services.

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