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A Brochure Design is one of the best way a company can use it as a common marketing tool for their products & services. Brochure Designing Services is used to promote various products, services and related information that a company offers. Brochures in general allows businesses to reach their targeted customer. New services or products can be introduced to the existing and new customers. Your company’s brochure can be used in the process of growth & expansion of your company. It is important to understand why it is necessary to have your company’s brochure. A well thought of and intricately designed brochure can boost the image of your company.

There are certain elements that a perfect brochure should reflect about your company i.e. well defined objectives of your company, products, services and precise information about every minute aspect that your company delivers to the customers. provides the best brochure design services in Ahmedabad. segregates Brochure Designing into:

  • Corporate Brochure Designing
  • Industrial Brochure Designing
  • Institutional Brochure Designing
  • Product Brochure Designing
  • Service Brochure Designing
  • Sales Brochure Designing

Brochure can be further categorized into:

  • Brochure Size: A3 Brochure, A4 Brochure, A5 Brochure
  • Brochure Finish Type: Matte finish brochure, gloss finish brochure, matte finish with spot UV brochure, brochure with di-cut and drip-off etc
  • Brochure Paper Thickness & Types: Matte brochure, glossy brochure, texture brochure, various paper thickness
  • Brochure Folds: Center fold brochure, tri-fold brochure, z-fold brochure, gate fold brochure, multi fold brochure,
  • Brochure Pages: Single page brochure, two page brochure & multi page brochure
  • E-brochure

Printwala has a wide variety of brochure designs & quality of papers that can be used for printing your brochure design. The brochure designing at Printwala is done keeping in mind your product, services, targeted customer, paper type,paper thickness etc.

Brochure Designing Do’s & Don’ts:

Do’s of Brochure Designing: (1) Always keep your company in mind. (2) What you are offering. (3) Understand your customers requirements and ensure it relates directly to them (4) How the product or service will meet their needs. (5) How your customer will benefit. (6) Proof check the text, grammar, punctuation, graphs, images and their placements.

Give the cover of your brochure substantial thought, attract the attention. This might be the first half that your audience will see. It should encourage them to pick it up and read it.The cover of your brochure should be visually stimulating with photographs, illustrations or graphics. The brochure should appeal and generate visual curiosity. The type / text in your brochure should be clear. The layout of your brochure should be well designed to direct the readers. The images and photographs should facilitate answers to the readers queries. Keep the design crisp, technical and complete.

DON’Ts of Brochure Designing: (1) Never leave any error. (2) A brochure is meant for product awareness. Don’t expect your brochure to close a sales. A client must take a journey from product awareness to purchase. (3) Do not copy-n-paste the text from any source, always cross check.

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