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Social media has become an integral part of any successful business’ marketing strategy. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow companies to connect directly with customers, drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. This guide from Printwala will explore how businesses in Ahmedabad can leverage social media to grow their brands.


Social media usage has exploded in recent years. As of 2023, there are over 4.65 billion social media users worldwide. India alone has over 650 million social media users. For businesses in Ahmedabad looking to reach this massive audience, implementing social media marketing strategies is crucial.

Printwala, founded in 1989, is a leading print and design company serving over 25,000 customers in Ahmedabad. For over 30 years, Printwala has been helping local businesses market themselves effectively. Their comprehensive services include logo design, graphic design, website development, and digital marketing solutions tailored specifically for brands in Ahmedabad.

This guide from Printwala will cover:

  • Why social media marketing is vital for Ahmedabad businesses looking to grow
  • The top social platforms to focus your efforts on
  • Tips for creating an effective social media strategy
  • How Printwala can help manage your company’s social presence

Implementing the strategies outlined in this guide will help you connect with more customers, drive real business results, and keep up with the competition.

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Why Social Media for Business is Crucial for Ahmedabad Companies

There are many advantages to leveraging social media to market your Ahmedabad-based business:

A. Increasing brand awareness and reach

Social platforms allow you to get your brand and products in front of a wider audience organically. Strategic posting and partnerships with influencers makes it easy to consistently put your brand in front of potential customers.
% of Customers Who Discover Brands on Social Media
74% discover brands on Instagram
68% discover brands on Facebook
59% discover brands on YouTube
With over 45% of India’s population active on social media, gaining more followers and likes dramatically boosts visibility.

B. Driving more traffic to your website

Including links to your website in social posts and profiles is an excellent way to drive qualified visitors.
  • 70% of social media users report having purchased a product they saw on social media.
  • 60% of customers prefer connecting with brands on social before visiting their website.
This increased traffic from social conversion helps boost overall sales.

C. Generating leads and sales

Beyond driving website traffic, social platforms allow you to directly interact with followers to convert them into leads and customers. Retargeting those who engage with posts makes it even easier to turn them into paying customers.

D. Getting direct customer feedback

Monitoring social conversations, comments, reviews, and messages gives invaluable insight into customer pain points and desires. This allows you to tailor products and messaging to be more customer-centric.
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The Most Effective Social Media Platforms for Businesses in Ahmedabad

While all major social platforms have value, focusing efforts on those most popular in India will yield the best results:

A. Facebook

As the #1 social network in India and Ahmedabad, Facebook is vital for reaching local customers. Useful Facebook features include:
    • Facebook Business Page to represent your brand
    • Easy lead generation with Messenger bots
    • Highly targeted ads based on location and interests
    • Instagram integration
    93% of social media marketers use Facebook. For businesses targeting customers age 35 and up, it should be the priority.

    B. Instagram

    As the fastest growing platform in India, Instagram is crucial for boosted visibility. Best practices on Instagram include:
    • Professionally shot visuals and videos
    • Leveraging popular hashtags
    • Influencer collaborations
    • Shoppable posts
    Over 500 million people use Instagram every day. For brands focused on visual storytelling, investing in Instagram is a must.
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    Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Creating social media marketing goals and a documented strategy is key to maximizing your return on investment.

    A. Set measurable goals

    Determine clear targets for growth in followers, engagement, leads generated, and sales driven by social efforts. Track relevant analytics to optimize towards specific benchmarks.

      B. Research your target audience

      Identify the demographics and interests of your ideal customers. Tailor branding and messaging to align with their preferences on each platform.

      C. Focus on visual content

      Posts with images and video tend to perform 100% better across social channels than text-only updates. Lean into stories, reels, live video, and visual-forward posts.

      D. Post consistently and monitor engagement

      Committing to an editorial calendar with regular content updates is vital. Pay attention to when your followers are most active and what content gets the most likes and comments.

      Printwala’s Social Media Marketing Services in Ahmedabad

      With over 33 years of experience helping Ahmedabad businesses, Printwala is uniquely equipped to elevate your social media for business. Their tailored services include:

      A. Custom social media plans tailored to your brand and goals

      Printwala’s team takes the time to understand your target audience, competitors, products, and objectives. This insight allows crafting a data-driven social strategy focused on ROI. Their social media experts handle everything from platform selection to performance benchmarking.

      B. Managing your profiles and posting content

      Keeping up with daily social media management can be difficult for time-strapped business owners. Printwala has trusted professionals to fully handle administering profiles, posting updates, and monitoring conversations. This frees up your time for higher priority tasks.

      C. Designing engaging graphics and visuals

      Printwala’s design team creates customized images, videos, and multimedia content built to captivate your audience and convert social visitors.

      D. Targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising

      Sophisticated targeting features on Facebook and Instagram allow displaying ads specifically to your ideal customers. Printwala’s PPC specialists help you zero in on relevant audiences and track conversion metrics.

      E. Influencer marketing campaigns

      Influencer partnerships are a proven way to expand reach and credibility. Printwala identifies and vets relevant influencers, provides customized branding assets, and measures overall impact.

      F. Monitoring and reporting on key metrics

      Detailed analytics reports track growth, engagement, lead conversion, and ROI over time. Their experts use these actionable insights to continually refine strategies for better performance.

      Tips for Managing Your Ahmedabad Business’s Social Presence

      Here are some pro tips for standing out on social media in the Ahmedabad market:

      A. Stay active and post frequently

      Consistently posting quality content, offers, and value for your audience is the best way to organically grow your presence.

      B. Respond quickly to comments and messages

      Being responsive shows customers you care and helps resolve issues before they spread. Assign team members notifications for timely responses.

      C. Use local hashtags and geo-tags

      Customers searching social media for businesses in the Ahmedabad area often filter by location tags and hashtags. Properly labeling content makes you easy to find.

      D. Create video content showcasing your products/services

      Short videos perform exceptionally well across platforms. Showcase offerings, customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes looks, and more unique video.

      E. Partner with local micro-influencers

      Nano and micro-influencers with engaged, targeted audiences can provide great bang-for-buck. Seek out creators passionate about your niche.

      F. Run social media contests and giveaways

      Fun contests, user-generated content campaigns, and prize giveaways power engagement and sharing. Discount codes or free products make great rewards.

      Why Choose Printwala for Social Media Marketing in Ahmedabad

      With a wealth of expertise serving local brands, Printwala is the top choice for managing your Ahmedabad business’s social presence:

      A. 33+ years serving 25,000+ customers locally

      Established in 1989, Printwala understands the Ahmedabad market. Their solutions cater to local customers and tap into proven regional marketing best practices.

      B. Award-winning services and 100% satisfaction guarantee

      Printwala guarantees complete customer satisfaction across their printing, design and marketing services. Their award-winning work speaks for itself.

      C. One-stop shop for design, marketing, and branding needs

      Rather than juggle multiple agencies, Printwala provides integrated branding, web design, advertising, and social media from one provider.

      D. Customized solutions tailored for your brand

      Printwala rejects the one-size-fits-all approach, instead crafting targeted strategies focused on your specific brand goals.

      E. Seamless website integration with social media

      Printwala can develop your website, then seamlessly connect it to optimized profiles across social media for maximum impact.

      Conclusion and Call to Action

      Implementing a strategic approach to social mediaMarketing creates invaluable exposure for brands in the Ahmedabad region. As the leading local agency with over 30 years of experience, Printwala delivers proven social campaigns that attract followers and conversions. Connect with Printwala to get a custom game plan specially designed to meet your marketing goals. Their tailored solutions and award-winning service have generated outstanding growth across 25,000+ satisfied customers.

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