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A logo is a vital part of your brand identity. It creates visual recognition of your business and conveys your brand message creatively. Investing in a professional logo design is crucial for companies in India looking to establish credibility and stand out in the crowded marketplace. But how much does logo design cost in india? What factors affect logo design charges?

In this comprehensive guide, we will break down logo design rates in India and the key considerations for your logo design budget. We’ll also share tips to control pricing and get quality logos made affordably.

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Logo Design Cost In India

WordArt Logo Design

Word art is graphic design blending typography, visual design, and digital manipulation. Result: Impactful message-conveying images. Each Printwala.com “WordArt Logo” narrates a story, leaving a lasting impression.

Corporate Logo Design

A logotype, often referred to as a logo, is an illustration designed for a specific business or product. The purpose of a logotype is to communicate swiftly. At Printwala.com, we create a distinct and easily recognizable symbol. Corporate Logo Design typically feature a unique font or typeface that spells out the company’s name or initials.

Logo Redesign

When it comes to a logo redesign, whether it’s a simple refresh or a complete overhaul, Printwala.com understands the importance. While it may be prompted by substantial changes in a brand’s mission, values, or goals, the redesign encapsulates all visual modifications made to the existing logo.

Logo Design with Brand Naming

Brand naming is the procedure of finding an appropriate name for a business or product. The process for naming brands includes research, brainstorming, and trademark vetting to ensure that the name is legal legally. At Printwala.com this package combines both brand naming and logo designing.

Startup-Kit (Logo+Website+Video)

A startup kit, tailored by Printwala.com, is a concise, easy-to-digest introduction to your company’s visual identity. It offers a quick and accessible pathway to understanding your brand’s logo, website, and promotional AI Video Brochure. This ensures that all marketing and communications align accurately with your brand, making your company more memorable and quickly recognizable to your target audience.

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Why Should You Invest in a Professional Logo Design in India?

Here are some key reasons why investing in a thoughtfully designed logo is worth it:

  • Creates brand identity: A logo crystallizes your brand into a memorable visual that audiences instantly recognize. It differentiates you from competitors.
  • Drives brand recall: A logo sticks in your audience’s minds, helping them recall and recognize your brand easily. This leads to repeat business.
  • Conveys professionalism: A high-quality logo lends credibility and communicates that your business is established and trustworthy.
  • Adaptable branding: A logo can be adapted smoothly across platforms, from your website, brochures, and product packaging to social media icons.
  • Evokes emotions: Logo design elements like color and imagery connect your brand to desired emotions and values.
  • Delivers ROI: An effective logo generates higher customer loyalty, engagement, and revenues in the long run that outweigh the initial design investment.

Printwala, as a leading logo design company in Ahmedabad offers strategic logo design services across India based on decades of branding expertise. Our logos create powerful visual identities that help businesses gain competitive edge.

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Key Factors That Determine Logo Design Cost in India

Logo design charges in India depend on several variables:

Designer’s Expertise and Experience

Experienced designers naturally charge higher rates reflecting their skills and proven track record. Their expertise allows them to create more strategic and impactful logo designs tailored to your brand’s personality and target audience.

Revisions and Iterations

Multiple revisions and design iterations to refine the logo can add to the overall cost. Limiting revisions can help control pricing.

Rights and File Formats

You’re not just paying for the design but usage rights and deliverables like vector files, image files, guidelines etc. More expansive rights and deliverables raise costs.

Additional Services

Added services like complementary brand identity design, name ideation, brand guidelines etc. can enhance the scope and pricing.

Location and Market Rates

Designer rates vary across India. Metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore have higher rates compared to small towns due to market variability.

Considering these factors, aim for the logo design price aligned with your budget but that still provides quality design and customization for your brand’s needs.

Intricate tiered logo designs showcasing basic, medium, and premium options.

Basic, Medium, and Premium Logo Design Costs in India

Here are typical price ranges you can expect for logo design services in India:

Basic Logo Design

Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 15,000

What it includes:

  • 2-3 design concepts
  • 1-2 rounds of revisions
  • Vector files in 1-2 formats

Best for simple logos or startups on tight budgets.

Medium Range Logo Design

Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 50,000

What it includes:

  • Multiple design concepts
  • Market research and brand strategy
  • 3-5 rounds of revisions
  • Vector and image files

Best for businesses wanting more customization and strategic design.

Premium Logo Design

Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 5,00,000+

What it includes:

  • Detailed brand strategy and research
  • Unlimited design concepts
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All required file formats
  • Copyright transfers
  • Brand guidelines

Best for large or established businesses wanting a strategic, high-impact logo.

Logo design packages and pricing varies among designers. Discuss project scope, deliverables required, and your budget beforehand.

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Should You Hire a Freelancer or Agency for Logo Design in India?

Freelance Logo Designers


  • Affordable rates
  • Direct communication


  • Lacks team expertise
  • Tight timelines

Logo Design Agencies


  • Strategic expertise
  • Full team support
  • Brand strategy focus


  • Premium pricing
  • Longer timelines

For most small businesses, experienced freelance logo designers offer the ideal middle ground – strategic designing skills at affordable rates.

Top agencies like Printwala are ideal for bigger brands wanting an extensive strategic branding process.

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Best Ways to Find Logo Design Services in India

Here are some options to find quality logo designers in India:

  • Online Freelancing Sites: Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork have thousands of designers offering logo services at mixed rates. Review portfolios diligently.

  • Individual Portfolios: Search for freelance logo designers with professional websites showcasing their work and testimonials.

  • Design Studios: Small design studios offer more personalized services with small teams of talented designers. Quality varies.

  • Agencies: Large design agencies provide full-service strategic branding solutions for premium prices. Useful for large brands.

  • Startups: Some talented students or freshers offer logo design services for low rates to build portfolio. Can get good work on a budget.

Talk to a few options before deciding on someone who understands your brief and design tastes.

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How to Reduce Logo Design Cost in India?

Here are some tips to control and save on logo design costs:

Have a Clear Brief

Give the designer as much info as possible like your brand story, style preferences, target audience etc. A detailed brief minimizes revisions needed.

Limit Revisions

Finalize the number of included revision rounds beforehand. Too many revisions and feedback loops increase effort and costs.

Offer Referrals

Promise future client referrals in return for lower pricing. Designers may offer discounts for guaranteed work.

Find Fresh Freelancers

Hiring new designers and students allows them to build portfolio while you get quality work for affordable pricing.

Buy Pre-Designed Concepts

Consider buying unused logo design concepts and customizing them as it saves full design costs. However, uniqueness reduces.

Prioritize Must-Have Elements

Identify the primary design elements like imagery or typography that are essential and focus on finalizing those.

Space out Payment Milestones

Break up payment over project milestones rather than full upfront payment to maintain cash flow flexibility.

Go Digital-Only If Possible

Opt for digital usage rights rather than full copyright ownership to reduce pricing, unless you require wide usage like merchandising.

Step-by-Step Logo Design Process Followed in India

Here is the typical process professional logo designers in India follow:

Discuss Project Scope & Brief

The designer will schedule a call to understand your business, style preferences, budget and project expectations.

Market Research

The designer researches your industry, competitors, audience demographics to gain insights for the logo design.

Concept Presentation

Initial logo concepts based on the brief and research are shared for your feedback. This stage can have multiple iterations.

Feedback & Revisions

You provide your input on the concepts and suggest any revisions needed to perfect the design.

Final Logo Selection

Your favorite concept is finalized and refined based on your revision feedback.

Vector Files Delivery

You receive high resolution vector files of the final logo in required formats like EPS, PNG, SVG etc.

Copyright/Usage Rights Transfer

The designer signs over copyright or usage rights once all project deliverables and payments are completed.

FAQs – Logo Design Cost in India

How can I lower logo design costs?

Limiting revisions, finding new talent offering discounts, buying templates and customizing them, and keeping requirements simple are some ways to reduce pricing.

Should I hire a freelancer or design agency?

For most small businesses, an experienced freelancer can provide ideal balance of strategic skills and affordable pricing. Big brands benefit more from an agency process.

Is DIY logo design worth it?

DIY logos using logo builders lack customization and brand strategy focus. For serious companies, DIY logos don’t convey professional branding.

How many logo concepts do designers provide initially?

Most designers provide 2-4 concepts initially. More variations and ideas can be requested for added costs.

Can I pay for the logo design in installments?

Yes, most freelancers and agencies are open to splitting payments across milestones or stages rather than full upfront payments.

Discuss your budget and project needs transparently with your designer. This allows for aligning expectations and finding suitable pricing.

Invest in a Strategic Logo Design for Your Business in India

Your logo is one of your most valuable brand assets. It pays off hugely to invest your time and budget into a quality logo created by industry experts. Strategic logos designed by specialists like Printwala help new and established companies alike build powerful brand recognition and stand out in competitive Indian markets.

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