Branding Design Services

What is Branding?

  • Logo Branding is the most important part of branding our product or service.
  • The logo must represent your brand image and be easily remembered.
  • It is not necessary, that your brand name should be included in your logo.
  • A logo can be an object (icon) or text but it should be unique.
  • Logo colors must be appealing and according to a targeted audience. We at Printwala work on logo colors and concentrate on font typography it must be easily readable. We make themes that are connecting your logo, infrastructure, website, mobile app, indoor branding, outdoor branding, digital marketing, brochures, flyers, etc. all must be connected homogeneously. you can hire our logo design services separately too.
  • Your brand image should be real. Made with real images/pictures/photos, content, and videos. It is important that it must carry your products and services. you can hire our photography and video-making services.
  • Brand-promoting personality should be likable, mostly all big brands have a face that helps them in brand development. The face must be likable to a mass audience.
  • A strong brand creates customer loyalty and faith, and that increases the value of your company and business. The value will grow if you continue to invest in the brand.
  • Brands are both strategic as well as a financial asset.

Benefits of Brand

  • A brand allows you to set higher prices for your products and services. People associate higher quality with branded products. Because people trust branded products and services more.
  • Brands must make and keep their promises.
  • Once your product is branded then it typically earns a higher market share while lowering your cost of sales.
  • With an established brand, it’s easier to launch new products or services. When consumers see the brand’s logo on a new product they instantly associate the brand’s promises to that new products or services from day one.
  • Brands create status, position, and esteem for your company in the minds of industry leaders, community leaders, the media, and financial markets.

What is brand value and brand equity?
Any name, any logo can be recognized by people that this is related to so and so company.

What is Brand positioning statement?
Brand positioning statement is a part of branding.

  • Shaping how customers think about the brand.
  • We Printwala identify who those customers are what benefits they seek from your products or services and what they currently believe about those products or services.
  • We’re making a direct link between the product value proposition and the brand promise.

How to express and measure the Brand?

  • Imagine a Brand as a personality, as a person. A person needs a name and a personality in identity in terms of what they look like.
  • We Printwala do the same for Brands at this step we create Brand names and logos to help customers easily recognize the brand and remember the promise that it delivers, at this stage it’s time to build awareness of the Brand and put it to work for you.
  • We do that by communicating with the company and we do it both ways internally to our organization as well as externally to the market. Why internally? your employees and distributors play a critical role in delivering the promise they create and deliver the product and services that deliver benefits that customers expect given the promise the brand has made keeping a strong means.
  • Measure the value of the Brand or what we call Brand equity. It’s what you accrue when you develop, promote and deliver an authentic brand promise as brand equity and it increases company value.

Branding process

  • We define the brand first.
  • We clearly define brand promise and core values behind it (you can say DNA of the Brand)

The brand-building process takes time and money but if you hire the right company then together we’ll create a strong healthy Brand, which makes your business more successful.