Why Graphic Designing is Called Visual Communication?

Why Graphic Designing is Called Visual Communication?

Graphic designing is visual communication. The art of visual representation of ideas through images, symbols, shapes, text and colours.

Designs are all around us as we come across thousands of designs everyday e.g., an attention seeking logo, an impressive business card, a stunning brochure, an engrossing website all these are visual communications that convey messages.

Graphic designing is an art with a purpose to achieve certain objectives, with the use of images, symbols, logos, word art or even words, It is visual representation or communication. Almost every Company / Business uses these graphic design tools to either sell their products or services or create their own brand. Go ahead hire our experts & make your own brand. 

If you are looking for one-stop-shop for Designing, printing and IT solutions. We are a company with a team of graphic designers, multiple printing options (offset/digital/screen) and developers who create top-quality products like Logo, Brochures, Catalogs, Leaflets/Flyers, Booklet Brochures, Corporate Identity (Visiting Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes) Invoice/Bill Book, Website etc. which are impossible to ignore.  

Our ideas are uniquely designed for your brand  which establish effective online and offline marketing. We will portray your product/services which will speak the essence of your brand. Your marketing material should look professional+creative and must meet international standards  

Why Choose Printwala

Our techno creative team creates innovative ideas for your corporate brochure it can be single page multi-fold brochure, booklet brochure or catalog etc. Our designers work closely to get customized design and must be unique.

We are experienced and serving domestic and international clients

We provide editable source files (.cdr open file) + Print ready files with cutting and creasing marks (.cdr converted to curves file) + e-Brochure for email marketing and can upload on your existing website also used for whats app marketing (.pdf file). Our Graphic Designer team work closely to get customized design solutions.

How we work

Our online mode is fastest. Approx all jobs are done online with the help of email. You can submit all your raw data/content/images/logo through email, we will create initial page setup page wise for fixing the content and images and send it back for proofing through email. Once you revert back with reply content is perfectly placed then graphic designing takes place and now will fill the blank space artistically with innovative ideas and designs with your logo / brand colour combinations and send back again with mock-up for final proofing. This helps in saving a lot of time at the same time communication becomes very fast. The moment we receive a reply ok for printing we create master folder with open files, converted files, font files, e-brochure and send you finally for your further use. If you have something specific in mind please inform or discuss with us at the very beginning. Through this working patterns we have created stunning brochures, Logos etc. 

Simply Hire our designer for your project, we will customize according to your needs

Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

Offset Printing:

Offset printing technology uses CMYK (full colour) & Pan-tone Spot Colour (PMS). In this process plates usually made of aluminium is used to transfer an image onto a rubber blanket and rolled onto paper the ink gets soaked by the paper. For large quantities like 1000 or 100000 brochures offset printing is the best choice as it provides clean and professional looking printing. Per piece printing cost decreases as the volume of printing increases. A large variety and thickness of paper can be used for printing. Special inks, metallic inks or pan-tone colors can be used for offset printing.

Digital Printing: 

Digital printing do not require plates for printing thus the required setup time is less. As dry toner is used for printing, visually it appears brighter and glossier but in gloss coated paper the appearance is not that prominent. Digital printing is more suitable for short runs like 1, 10, 100 or 500 copies also it can print variable data like variable images or address labels.

Conclusion :

Offset and digital are two different printing technology having their own benefits. For large print runs like 1000, 10000, 100000 or 100000000 offset printing is very cost effective. For special inks or metallic inks or pan-tone colors, for variety of paper and its thickness offset printing is suitable. For small print runs or variable data printing or quick turnaround time digital printing is suitable. Visually the printed result from either of these will be slightly different.

Business card Design Services

Business card Design Services

Business card design service

Business card design service in Ahmedabad is something that carries your identity in a piece of card. In 21st century where everybody has a smart phone and internet. Best business card designed and printed would provide the other party an assurance of follow up. Business card design service  won’t be a medium to generate sales but it would surely create an image of trust. Your business card design would reflect your professionalism. The person whom you provide your business card would consider your identity in mind for a long period. It is though a routine that all tasks we perform are digitized but having a business card would work as a relationship. It’s  building tool with you and your clientele. Along with that the best business card design would act as a direct marketing tool for the one who has it. So, Printwala.com initiates a fact that a good business card design acts as a reflection of your brand. Though things are moving digital visiting cards are never going to be out of the market. This is because they show that you are prepared enough to provide the best product in the market.

Business card Design Services in Ahmedabad

At Printwala you could discover a range of touring card layout in conjunction with distinct forms of fabric of paper or metal on which you may get your data revealed. There are distinctive size and shapes that you can get your touring card layout published. They’re Mini journeying cards, rectangular touring cards, Horizontal and Vertical touring playing cards. Obtaining a best greeting designed Associate in Nursingd written would offer the opposite party an assurance of follow up with Business card Design service in Ahmedabad. Facebook
Logo Designing

Logo Designing


Order Logo Design Service at Printwala.com and get your Business Card, Letterhead and Envelope Designed for Free We have been designing logos since 1993 and during these 24 years we have designed numerous logos for various industries. It has been a very creative design journey from service to manufacturing, from FMCG to hospitality, from green energy to mining. Designing is a passion at Printwala.com. We know our creative logo designing work. Logo Design Package: 3 logo concepts depending on your product, service, industry, trend, target customer, brand positioning etc. You can additionally choose to buy our tagline services along with the logo design service. Taglines is always carved out from the mission, vision, brand image etc. It is one of the best way to convey your message to your customers that logo Designing in Ahmedabad. If you are looking for quality and creativity then Printwala.com is the best option for you. Every logo design process starts by pencil sketching to computer graphics to modifications as per your choice.

Logo Design Service

Logo style is that the polar purpose of any complete Identity. it’s additional just like the face of an organization. we have a tendency to at Printwala.com team of BEST emblem styles in Ahmedabad. We style the foremost logical convoluted details of emblem DESIGN. Take a fast inspect however our emblem style method takes place we have a tendency to perceive the requirement of a company communication and also the want to make a complete. Your COMPANY emblem has the ability to try and do it. What involves your mind once you hear the word LOGO? A complete or a product! these days all business stigmatization activities ar planned and happen round the Company emblem or the complete emblem, it’s that important! therefore take care you decide on the simplest emblem style for your company. Facebook
Logo Design Package

Logo Design Package

Logo Design Package

Get the best Logo designed for the face of your company. Choose the best and creative logo designer. It is the first visual impression of a company. It should be original, simple, memorable, attention seeking, intelligent and interesting. A logo should represent favorable thoughts about the company. A logo can be a combination of various shapes, colors and typeface. Colors in a logo have meanings and emotions similar with it. PRINTWALA puts best efforts to stand out for the Logo Design Ahmedabad. So that you can be sure that your logo is 100% unique and represents your business in a unique way. Get logo designers makes best logo design Ahmedabad. That can build your identity of organization. Its creation should consider the your company face. Create a logo that is stylish yet easy to remember. Logos are important for the image of the company so don’t let it be in any hands. Let Printwala serve you and your company for your logo designing  in the right way. We provide several logo options that would give you value for your money invested in the best logo design. Searching for best logo design Ahmedabad choose us.

logo design Ahmedabad

A brand will be a mix of shapes, colors and type in a very meanings and emotions related to it. Read details of normal Package of PRINTWALA . You’ll be able to make certain that your brand is 100 percent Special and represents your business. For multi-cultural and MNC icons area . A simple brand will build associate identity of a company. It’s creation to take into account the culture of the corporate. We produce brand that’s fashionable none the less stable and straight forward to recollect. Facebook
Logo Designer in Ahmedabad

Logo Designer in Ahmedabad

Logo Designer in Ahmedabad

Logo Designer in Ahmedabad is the best services for logo designing and printing. Which helps to represents your business. Printwala.com Puts best efforts to stand out for the your Logo Designing. We sure that your logo is 100% unique and represents your business in a unique way. We help to build an identity of your organization and create image of your company. Printwala.com provide you right suggestion. There are several logo options so that you can get an idea regarding investing money. There are several types of Logo Designs such Word mark, Initials, Letter marks, Brand mark, Combination, Text & Symbol etc. Printwala.com team provides you  best logo designers and most logical details of logo design. We design logo according to the need of a business. Logo Designer in Ahmedabad serves you best logo design at Printwala.com. Facebook
What is Logo

What is Logo

What is a LOGO?

A Logo is a design which represents organization. It is a design that is used by an organization for its letterhead, promotion material, and signs as a symbol by which the organization can easily be recognized. You may also think of a Logo as a simple visual mark to identify your company product or service. There are different types of signs and symbols which make easy to recognize. Logo Maker in Ahmedabad plays an important role in giving your business a unique mark. This is especially important if your business has competition. Logo also provides your customer with some crucial information about your company like it communicate the industry you exist in, the service you provide, your target demographic and your brand values.

Logo Maker in Ahmedabad

Also leave a visual impact on your customers. It also helps you to do marketing of your products and brand. Your logo should be designed in such a way that it provides information about your business to target audience. There are different types of logo depending upon size, shape, colour and more. There are many different types of software available for graphic design work which can also be used for a logo design that includes bitmap image system and vector based system. Printwala.com puts the best efforts to stand out for the Logo Design. We ensure that your logo is 100% unique and represents your business in a unique way. We help to build an identity of your organization and create image of your company. Facebook

Logo Importance

Logo Importance

A logo is a symbolic mark that conveys identity of your organization. The main function is to draw identification. A logo acts as a device to communicate a desired feeling. A logo designing in Ahmedabad can Strong your brand image and corporate identity. Your logo is the base of your corporate identity. Defining and symbolizing the character of your company and organization. There are three basic types of logos:- Iconic/Symbolic- Icons and symbols are convincing images that are symbolizes a particular company or product. They use images that conveys a exact representation of your organization. Symbols are less direct than straight text. Logotype – Word mark – A logotype is commonly known as word mark in the design industry. Script fonts involve a sense of alteration.

Combination Marks – Combination Marks are graphics with both text and symbol that signify the brand image of your company or organization. Brief text can balances an icon and symbol providing information about your enterprise.

logo designing in Ahmedabad.

We provide you right suggestion. There are several types of Logo Designs such as Logotype or Word mark, Initials, Letter marks, Brand mark, Combination, Text & Symbol, Text Inside Symbol etc. Our team provides you with best logo designs and most logical details of logo design. We design logo according to the need of a business brand.


Letter Mark (typography-based logo)

Logo Designers in ahmedabad

Letter Mark (typography-based logo)

Different Types of Logo Kinds  – Letter mark logo or monogram logos.  A letter mark is a typography-based logo that contains few letters. The letter mark logos in Ahmedabad is all about simplicity. Letter mark logos are very similar to word mark. Letter mark logos are effective at any company brand. The font you choose is very important to make sure that your logo is not only related to what your company does. Letter mark logo is a design consisting of one or more alphabetic letters combined. Monograms are made by combining the first letter of an individual and company.

Many companies and organizations use letter mark and monogram logos. Printwala letter mark logo is applied only when your business have a long name. Companies with names that sound or appear generic can also use letter mark logos.

Letter mark logos in Ahmedabad

We are very popular in branding campaigns for companies. You might need to invest your time and money for educating consumers about what your company does and offers if you choose to use a letter mark logo because it might not be as clear as your complete company or brand name. A letter mark logo is the perfect solution. Letter mark logo are particularly popular with television stations. But you will also see them used by other companies. The fashion industry also uses letter mark logo with great success. Letter mark logo can convey a sense of simplicity.

Word mark work best once the name of the corporate is incredibly distinctive. Google encompasses a easy, minimalist emblem style, however it works for them partly as a result of their name is thus different and unforgettable. An alternative may be a fore said for Yahoo, Pinterest and different brands that use comparatively easy text as their company emblem. Text-only emblem designs are superb selection for smaller firms United Nations agency are simply obtaining their feet off the bottom. Once obtaining the word out concerning your business is crucial. It’s not a nasty plan to possess a emblem that terribly clearly communicates the name of your company.


Bilingual Business Cards

Bilingual Business Cards Blog


If you are doing business in additional than one language, you’ll be questioning if that ought to be showcased on your business cards. As corporations begin to expand internationally, it’s vital to square out from the others. Making bilingual business cards shows alternative professionals that you simply have associate attention to detail that shines through in even the limited things. That being aforesaid there are a things to think about before selecting a bilingual identity card printing service.
Here are the highest issues once selecting a business translation service:
Importance of correct Translations
Bilingual identity card translations should be utterly correct so as to keep up a way of expertise with potential shoppers. Google or a follower are valuable resources for translation in additional casual settings, however it’s not an honest plan to use for your identity card. The accuracy of translations needed during a skilled setting will solely be achieved by a service that makes a specialty of business translation. A poorly translated identity card seems unprepared and unprofessional.


Language versus idiom
Often in languages, there are bound delicate variations between written and word, also as between contexts. For instance, mistreatment occupier Spanish in European nation may be found offensive to a possible business partner. For this reason, it’s important that your business translation service is notified of precisely that language they’ll be translating. Context
Aspects of your identity card that appear simple in English might not be an equivalent during a completely different language or country. On the far side grammatical correctness, context should even be used suitably. Certain words could have completely different meanings is variable circumstances. Solely somebody old in making bilingual business cards can assist you effectively communicate your meant message. Business prescript

Proper data format

If you’re conducting business internationally professionals speak a unique language than English can read bilingual business cards favorably. Whereas you’ll be needing to boast your translated business card. There are still alternative vital prescript practices to think about during a identity card exchange. Old professionals in business translation can have this data and be ready to provide your insight into best practices.
Usually, bilingual business cards will share an equivalent layout each in English and during a foreign language. However, translations in languages like Arabic and Chinese need explicit data format which will dissent from country aspect of your identity card. These data format nuances are crucial to grasp and solely corporations old identity card translation will try this properly. High-Quality Printing While this is often a writing on the importance of translation accuracy. You continue to wish to make certain that you simply are investment in business cards of the very best print quality also. A high-quality bilingual identity card is each informative and simple. Therefore keeping each characteristics in mind can assisted by the most effective company i.e.