Logo Importance

A logo is a symbolic mark that conveys identity of your organization. The main function is to draw identification. A logo acts as a device to communicate a desired feeling. A logo designing in Ahmedabad can Strong your brand image and corporate identity. Your logo is the base of your corporate identity. Defining and symbolizing the character of your company and organization. There are three basic types of logos:- Iconic/Symbolic- Icons and symbols are convincing images that are symbolizes a particular company or product. They use images that conveys a exact representation of your organization. Symbols are less direct than straight text. Logotype – Word mark – A logotype is commonly known as word mark in the design industry. Script fonts involve a sense of alteration.

Combination Marks – Combination Marks are graphics with both text and symbol that signify the brand image of your company or organization. Brief text can balances an icon and symbol providing information about your enterprise.

logo designing in Ahmedabad.

We provide you right suggestion. There are several types of Logo Designs such as Logotype or Word mark, Initials, Letter marks, Brand mark, Combination, Text & Symbol, Text Inside Symbol etc. Our team provides you with best logo designs and most logical details of logo design. We design logo according to the need of a business brand.